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Pop3Client Members

Pop3Client overview

Public Instance Constructors

Pop3Client Constructor Constructs a new Pop3Client for you to use.

Public Instance Properties

ApopSupported Allows you to check if the server supports the Apop authentication method.

This value is filled when the connect method has returned, as the server tells in its welcome message if APOP is supported.
Connected Tells whether the Pop3Client is connected to a POP server or not

Public Instance Methods

AuthenticateOverloaded. Authenticates a user towards the POP server using Auto.
If this authentication fails but you are sure that the username and password is correct, it might be that that the POP3 server is wrongly telling the client it supports Apop. You should try using Authenticate while passing UsernameAndPassword to the method.
Capabilities Asks the server to return it's capability listing.
This is an optional command, which a server is not enforced to accept.
ConnectOverloaded. Connect to the server using user supplied stream
DeleteAllMessages Marks all messages as deleted.

The messages will not be deleted until a QUIT command is sent to the server.
This is done when you call Disconnect or when the Pop3Client is Disposed.
The method assumes that no prior message has been marked as deleted, and is not valid to call if this is wrong.
DeleteMessage Marks the message with the given message number as deleted.

The message will not be deleted until a QUIT command is sent to the server.
This is done when you call Disconnect or when the Pop3Client is Disposed.
Disconnect Disconnects from POP3 server. Sends the QUIT command before closing the connection, which deletes all the messages that was marked as such.
Dispose (inherited from Disposable)Overloaded. Releases unmanaged and - optionally - managed resources
GetMessage Fetches a message from the server and parses it
GetMessageAsBytes Fetches a message in raw form from the server
GetMessageCount Get the number of messages on the server using a STAT command
GetMessageHeaders Get all the headers for a message.
The server will not need to send the body of the message.
GetMessageSize Gets the size in bytes of a single message
GetMessageSizes Get the sizes in bytes of all the messages.
Messages marked as deleted are not listed.
GetMessageUid Get a unique ID for a single message.
GetMessageUids Gets a list of unique IDs for all messages.
Messages marked as deleted are not listed.
NoOperation Keep server active by sending a NOOP command.
This might keep the server from closing the connection due to inactivity.

The POP3 server does nothing, it merely replies with a positive response.
Reset Send a reset command to the server.

If any messages have been marked as deleted by the POP3 server, they are unmarked. The POP3 server then replies with a positive response.

Protected Instance Properties

IsDisposed (inherited from Disposable) Returns true if this instance has been disposed of, false otherwise

Protected Instance Methods

AssertDisposed (inherited from Disposable) Used to assert that the object has not been disposed
DisposeOverloaded. Disposes the Pop3Client.
This is the implementation of the IDisposable interface.
Sends the QUIT command to the server before closing the streams.
Finalize (inherited from Disposable) Releases unmanaged resources and performs other cleanup operations before the Disposable is reclaimed by garbage collection.

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