OpenPop.NET POP3 Library Documentation

Pop3Client.Capabilities Method

Asks the server to return it's capability listing.
This is an optional command, which a server is not enforced to accept.

public Dictionary<string, List<string>> Capabilities();

Return Value

The returned Dictionary keys are the capability names.
The Lists pointed to are the capability parameters fitting that certain capability name. See RFC section 6 for explanation for some of the capabilities.


Capabilities are case-insensitive.
The dictionary uses case-insensitive searching, but the Lists inside does not. Therefore you will have to use something like the code below to search for a capability parameter.
foo is the capability name and bar is the capability parameter.

List<string> arguments = capabilities["foo"];
bool contains = null != arguments.Find(delegate(string str)
                return String.Compare(str, "bar", true) == 0;
If we were running on .NET framework >= 3.5, a HashSet could have been used.


Exception Type Condition
PopServerException If the server did not accept the capability command

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