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AuthenticationMethod Enumeration

Describes the authentication method to use when authenticating towards a POP3 server.

public enum AuthenticationMethod


Member Name Description
UsernameAndPassword Authenticate using the UsernameAndPassword method.
This will pass the username and password to the server in cleartext.
Apop is more secure but might not be supported on a server.
This method is not recommended. Use Auto instead.
If SSL is used, there is no loss of security by using this authentication method.
Apop Authenticate using the Authenticated Post Office Protocol method, which is more secure then UsernameAndPassword since it is a request-response protocol where server checks if the client knows a shared secret, which is the password, without the password itself being transmitted.
This authentication method uses MD5 under its hood.

This authentication method is not supported by many servers.
Choose this option if you want maximum security.
Auto This is the recomended method to authenticate with.
If Apop is supported by the server, Apop is used for authentication.
If Apop is not supported, Auto will fall back to UsernameAndPassword authentication.
CramMd5 Logs in the the POP3 server using CRAM-MD5 authentication scheme.
This in essence uses the MD5 hashing algorithm on the user password and a server challenge.


Namespace: OpenPop.Pop3

Assembly: OpenPop (in OpenPop.dll)

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