OpenPop.NET POP3 Library Documentation

OpenPop.Pop3.Exceptions Namespace

Contains the exceptions the Pop3Client might throw.

Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
InvalidLoginException Thrown when the supplied username or password is not accepted by the POP3 server.
InvalidUseException Thrown when the Pop3Client is being used in an invalid way.
This could for example happen if a someone tries to fetch a message without authenticating.
LoginDelayException This exception indicates that the user has logged in recently and will not be allowed to login again until the login delay period has expired. Check the parameter to the LOGIN-DELAY capability, that the server responds with when Capabilities is called, to see what the delay is.
PopClientException This is the base exception for all Pop3Client exceptions.
PopServerException Thrown when the server does not return "+" to a command.
The server response is then placed inside.
PopServerLockedException Thrown when the user mailbox is locked or in-use.
PopServerNotAvailableException Thrown when the POP3 server sends an error "-ERR" during initial handshake "HELO".
PopServerNotFoundException Thrown when the specified POP3 server can not be found or connected to.