Welcome to OpenPop.NET's homepage.

OpenPop.NET is an open source implementation of a POP3 client and a robust MIME parser written in C#.
It allows developers easy access to email on a POP3 server in a matter of minutes.

The project is backed by several hundred test cases and is therefore believed to be very robust.
If you find a bug, please report this creating an issue at our GitHub repository.

POP3 Client Features

MIME Parsing Features


The easiest way to install OpenPop.NET is via NuGet.
In Visual Studio's Package Manager Console, simply enter the following command:
     Install-Package OpenPop.NET


The license used for OpenPop.NET is very open.
In summery: OpenPop.NET has no restrictions on usage. It is in the Public Domain.
This means you can use it for whatever you like - sell it if you want to!
If you implement new features locally, please consider contributing the changes back into this project.


Any support questions should be asked on StackOverflow.com.
Bug reports about OpenPop.NET should be created as issues at the GitHub resposity.


If you like OpenPop.NET, please consider making a review at the project's sourceforge page.
Please do not add bug reports as reviews.