OpenPop.NET POP3 Library Documentation

OpenPop.Mime Namespace

Contains classes to hold and decode Mime emails.

Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
Message This is the root of the email tree structure.
MessagePart for a description about the structure.

A Message (this class) contains the headers of an email message such as:
 - To
 - From
 - Subject
 - Content-Type
 - Message-ID
which are located in the Headers property.

Use the MessagePart property to find the actual content of the email message.
MessagePart A MessagePart is a part of an email message used to describe the whole email parse tree.

Email messages are tree structures:
Email messages may contain large tree structures, and the MessagePart are the nodes of the this structure.
A MessagePart may either be a leaf in the structure or a internal node with links to other MessageParts.
The root of the message tree is the Message class.

If a MessagePart is a leaf, the part is not a MultiPart message.
Leafs are where the contents of an email are placed.
This includes, but is not limited to: attachments, text or images referenced from HTML.
The content of an attachment can be fetched by using the Body property.
If you want to have the text version of a MessagePart, use the GetBodyAsText method which will
convert the Body into a string using the encoding the message was sent with.

Internal nodes:
If a MessagePart is an internal node in the email tree structure, then the part is a MultiPart message.
The MessageParts property will then contain links to the parts it contain.
The Body property of the MessagePart will not be set.

See the example for a parsing example.
This class cannot be instantiated from outside the library.