OpenPop.NET POP3 Library Documentation

OpenPop.Mime.Decode Namespace

Contains utility classes to decode various encoded values.

Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
EncodingFinder Utility class used by OpenPop for mapping from a characterSet to an Encoding.

The functionality of the class can be altered by adding mappings using AddMapping and by adding a FallbackDecoder.

Given a characterSet, it will try to find the Encoding as follows:
  1. If a mapping for the characterSet was added, use the specified Encoding from there. Mappings can be added using AddMapping.
  2. Try to parse the characterSet and look it up using GetEncoding for codepages or GetEncoding for named encodings.
  3. If an encoding is not found yet, use the FallbackDecoder if defined. The FallbackDecoder is user defined.


Delegate Description
EncodingFinder.FallbackDecoderDelegate Delegate that is used when the EncodingFinder is unable to find an encoding by using the EncodingMap or general code.
This is used as a last resort and can be used for setting a default encoding or for finding an encoding on runtime for some characterSet.