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IAnswerMessageTraverser(TAnswer) Interface

This interface describes a MessageTraverser which is able to traverse a Message hierarchy structure and deliver some answer.

For a list of all members of this type, see IAnswerMessageTraverser(TAnswer) Members .

public interface IAnswerMessageTraverser<TAnswer>

Types that implement IAnswerMessageTraverser(TAnswer)

Type Description
AnswerMessageTraverser(TAnswer) This is an abstract class which handles traversing of a Message tree structure.
It runs through the message structure using a depth-first traversal.
MultipleMessagePartFinder An abstract class that implements the MergeLeafAnswers method.
The method simply returns the union of all answers from the leaves.

Generic template parameters

This is the type of the answer you want to have delivered.


Namespace: OpenPop.Mime.Traverse

Assembly: OpenPop (in OpenPop.dll)

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